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Best way to pass off a absurd idea is to refer it by a Latin-Greek-Azerbaijanic lanugage.

Eg :- Metemspsychosis is soul moving from one living/Non living thing to another. Like soul of a toilet brush moving on to become Raj Thakarey in the next life. But hey , that seems to be true.

New Year Pledge ..

I hereby promise to myself , this year I will revive my LJ account and pick up fights with atleast 5 people in LJ before the EOY. Satyam Satyam HCL, WIpro Infosys..

If i dont do that you can name your dog after you. (Illel Iyade peru iyade pattikku itto )

Malabar Sick Minds .

I remembered 2 years back, I've heard this Neighbour Aunty flaunting with great pride;

"We dont entertain alliances from South.They are generally Money minded and they dont have family values".

Obviously she was on the prowl for a right match for her second daughter.
After 2 years of her daughter's well matched (Cast,Creed,JanamKundali,Address and Pin Code of Tharavadu) etc Ive heard , the girl is back home for a quick fire divorce. While I Sympothise with the girl, the woman in question still going around likea a dumb witted North-Maniac.

We've witnessed many a social revolution in this state. Can we ever change this sick Malabar psychos ? This children-of-a-higher-god-broodishness.
People from south need to reject these folks totally and put them in place.
I hail from Malabar, so let me be your first pray.

Jul. 5th, 2007

tz been raining for 10 days here. On an off .God is back on earth again ...

On a perfectly unrelated note I realized that well groomed,civilized,well mannered,well spoken,cultured, and serene looking savages are the worst of all savages


I presume every idea has its opposite embedded in it. Thats why I call our brains wired backwards.

You appreciate food since some one coined the word hunger.
You appreciate peace since it come contarary to the word violence.
You appreciate love since we know there exist a feeling achingly closer to the lack of it, not because love is any great shit as those frustrated poets made it sound like.

Johny Cash ...

If I were a Kothan Mesari and You were a "Lady"
Would you still Marry me ...Would you have my Babies ?

Chumma oru thought

Shall I say there exist a visible tumult between a man's heart and brain while he is on the verge of making an important decision...So important that its gonna change his life for ever....For good or bad...However seemingly agonizing it is, the real reward is in the the line of thought that he employs to arrive at the answer...


Manga Andi Squre shape aayirunnengil ...!


My idea of rebounding to life..

White is a the perfect color for the Canvas, it represents nothing to begin with.She came in as a breeze of inspiration. Looking at her I started painting my perfect picture.The silver glassy glitter of stream, that ood white feather of the lady bird, valleys extending to horizon,its green grass engageed in roulette with south western wind, Rolling hills, those rocks refusing to give way at top, tiny swans pretending to float just to get attention,and a brilliantly bright sun to make things perfect.

But the onlookers didnt quiet like my perfect picture. One of them sprinkled few droplets from the glittering stream.Soon the crowd joined in and it turned to a mob.They spat and pissed on my picture.They started rubbing their wet muddy hands on my picture.I could just stand by and watch in anger and disbelief .My perfect pictute got reduced to a mere color collage. An unsymetric mix of every color.

I slept over it;In the morning i realized that the colors got mixed well overnight.Morning dew had an equalizing effect on my picture. My canvas has turned to a flawless brown ...Evenly brown....And i got this early morning dream that there is nothing called perfect picture.

Brown is a good color for my canvas , it reminds me of earth ,the ground zero.
I still have white and blue yellow and green and red and viloet to mix in proportions I want . I still can paint.The river ,the wind hills swans and sun is there for me . Though not a perfect picture , I still can paint an interesting picture for sure! On the same brown canvas ! I refuse to give up!

Who wants Perfection!