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God is a Bad Engineer

He gave us food and loose motion at the same time
Gave us booze and hangover the same time
Gave us smoking and cancer at the same time
Gave us everything a man can dream of and no time to enjoy any of those

If I were god , i would've taken care atleast some of these.
Please vote for me.You wont get a better man for God.

Amar Chitra Katha

Inspector Vikram :- Chaaarge.................

dishoom dishoom dishoom dishoom...

Later That Day

Sr Officer :- Bhale Bhesh. Well done Vikaram.

Mar. 22nd, 2007

This is 22nd day of March Circa 2007...This is to announce to the world that I am alive...If you dont believe me , Today's Headlines in Times of India was
"Lawyers continue protests in Pakistan"


Drycleaned Shirt :- Rs 35
Clen and Ironed pants with Fresh smell of Starch (My dhobi uses is liberally ) :- Rs 55
New set of Underwear :- Priceless

There are certain things in life which Money cant buy ...For everything else you have a dhobi

Separate Lives

Every Separation brings with it a baggage of pain ...
If its between a man and a woman....Well...

Irony is that you tend to see things in right prespective once you decide to separate...
Wisdom is like Island express...Always late ....

Those potential separatists of the world ...Here is my personal advice ...
Will come handy during your next separation

1. Never balance too many balls in air ...I dont know what that means , but sounds good ..
2. Pass clear messages...Confusion is the mother of messy-sticky things yet to come ..
3. Think and make small positive moves.....Even the subtle things can make big differences
4. Communicate ..Have the channels open despite the hard difference in opinion..Best done using your eyes..
5. Learn to look beyond your ego ...It takes a separation to teach you this ...
6. Let the other person win an argument...Thats when you win it
7. Never write Chain Mails ....It Kills ...
8. Dont show your desparation...Its like nudity ...Cover it enough to appeal...
9. Avoid things going into the hands of the elderly;They are good at messing up a non-issue
10.Keep calm ,News headlines changes every day....Today's Front pager is tomorrow's Page 3 ..
11 Take care of your self ...If you dont who else will ?
12 Develop clearer goals in life, capitalizing this opportunity ...Will let you focus from issue...Even if you cant find a real goals,avoid self-goals .....
13 Never wash your dirty linen in public ...Never openly criticize the other person except between the two of you ...
14 Screen the right advices form ME-TOO advices ..Advicing others is India's national pass time
15 Present your cheerful self to every one .. Over a period of time you will become that...Use Colgate Whiteline tooth paste...
16 And last of all ...Separation is a Reality ...Face it .....It makes a Man out of a boy and a Woman out a girl ......It Makes You Strong ...Well Rounded....and Well Balanced ....Wanna Try ?

NB:- Are you the self help columist of Mangalam ?
Shhhhh !

Will a Man Cry !

What should I do ?
If I cry , what will all these people think ....??

"Penkonthan .."
"Ayyey , ingorkku enthu vattu indo ? "
"Ingeru Pillerekkalum Kashtam Aaayllyo ????? "

We lived together for 41 long years ....Loneliness staring at me for rest of mylife is more haunting than taking her through the last years of Cancer ..We lived a Roller coaster life ....I abused her , chided her , called her names ,there were times when things really got out of control and I hit her....But we just put all those behind us ... Same way a child puts behind parent's chiding as she grows up....People around us got accostummed to us as a unit ...One functioning family...Now that one piece is gone , is individual as good as the sum ? Will I get called for all those functions and festivities , which she adored...even during her dying years .....

If I cry will people think ,that I lost everything ....Will they brand me as a quitter ......!!!!

I worked to save enough for survival of two ...When my parents taught me the basics of life , they missed the chapter named inflation...Now that I spent my life's savings fighting her cancer, do I start working again ...?? I guess tyre company needs a security guard ...Night Shift can be gruelling, but do I have a choice ? Will my only son who is struggling to stand on his feet , lent a helping hand...

If I cry will people think I'm weak ? Will my image of a tough EX-Militttarrry man take a beating ?

We started living our life after 60.Sarasu and Sindu got married off, and Sudhakarn got his job at Theepetti Company ....It was almost picture perfect ..Sudhakaran's wedding coincided with we moving into our new house...My work in Town was enough to bring home a decent living for 2. She had tears in her eyes when I brought home our first Gas Stove.....She made Payasam for the entire neighbourhood that day...She never got used to the idea that a Mixer is an ideal replacement for an Ammikallu...Together we watched every one of those 6:30 to 10:00 weepy episodes of Stree,Yet another Stree and so on and so forth...She was there at the door every day,waiting for me, with a cribb or a news of the neighbourhood .....Even the day before she was admitted to the Hosital, never to come
home to talk to me....

If I cry , will it become talk of town ...."Meesha Shekharan Pennungaley Mathri Karajootoo " ....

Who will cook that special Chutta Mulaku Aracha Vala Kari for me ? Even when she was undergoing "Light " therapy at Trichur , she ensured that I ate 3squre meals...She knew me better than I knew myself ....

If I cry who will console Sarasu , Sindhu and Sudhakaran ?

:-As expressed to me by Shekharan...Ex Airman,Ex Town Peedika Employee,right beside his wife's dead body ....

Overheard .....

Your parents never really contradict you about anything in life ...basically nice and supportive etc.
Makes it harder to officially complain even when they are wrong ....

:Boban to Molly

Jan. 28th, 2006

"I am Afraiding Faaadar will taaak to my MLA's and kaanvince them by yamoshanal things "
"Kaangrass was treating us vyeri sickeningly and Nat BJP is good Frand of We , We left wiht na aaption"
"I met Faaadar ...I Wooonlee enquiring abat his health Kandishan"

:-KumaraSawmy, Idiot slated to take over as CM of Karnataka from a Sack of Potatoes called Dharam Singh

Place holder

Bure Nazar Vale Tera Mooh Kala" .........
If you hang around here for long I threaten to let loose my professonally trained Eruma(Buffallo) on you.....!!!
:- By Prof Muttathu Varkki and Dave Barry
"Principles of Applied Ayurvedam"